Investigation Services Europe AB (ISE) was founded in 2004 by Niclas Franklin and offered services within investigation, training and security consultation. During 2015, after 11 years of business two subsidaries were formed, ISE Sverige AB and PrimeSafe AB. The investigative services is now placed in ISE Sverige AB while PrimeSafe handles cases regarding security consultation.

Since 2015, the ISE has a branch office in Germany with its own employees where we can offer all our services and the services of our sister company PrimeSafe. Our investigator responsible Germany is also Swedish and English speaking, which means that you can have services performed in Germany, but reports could be delivered in Swedish, German or English.

Investigation Services Europe AB

PrimeSafe AB

ISE Sverige AB

ISE Germany


Our investigators have broad expertise and extensive experience in various types of security and investigative work, private and public. Most of our investigators have a police background with many years of experience of investigation and surveillance.

Our investigators are continuously trained to always be up to date on the latest research and new methods.

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