Would you like to know to know more about a person who is employed at your company today, do you have plans to do business with private individuals or want to know more about the prospective tenant before you sign the contract and want to know more about these people? These are three examples of times when it may be a cheap investment in doing a background check on a person in order to obtain data on him/her that could be crucial to your continued relationship.

In our background checks, we examine whether there are any risks associated with a particular person. Because different times can pose different risks, our background checks are designed in three levels in order to retrieve relevant data depending on your needs and desires. In all levels, the information gathered is analyzed by our experienced investigators to give a proper risk assessment. We can customize the background checks to suit your business and your needs.


In a Basic check, we are investigating whether there are economic or legal discrepancies of a person who may become risks.


The extended check is more thorough to analyze whether there are hidden risks that can be difficult to detect with a basic check.


Our premium check is a deeper examination that includes a person´s interaction to identify potential risks.

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