With the increased globalization, counterfeit products have increased rapidly.

To sell counterfeit products is a lucrative business with good earnings and low risk - for the seller. However, for the brand owner, the risks can be extensive by hurting their reputation when consumers are fooled by dishonest salesmen. Flaws in the quality can also be a risk for the consumer and in worst case lead to severe injuries.

Our brand protection investigations can also target real products e.g that´s been stolen from factories before the quality´s been tested properly.

Our investigations focuses towards brand owners and our method´s include test purchase, tracing and mapping of counterfeit products. We have extensive experience in finding systems and ways on how the products are imported and distributed.

Case study

A clothing chain in Sweden contacted us when they discovered an unusual pattern during audits of waste.

ISE was contacted and we were able to track the clothes and then carry out test purchases through private purchase and sales markets on the Internet,
in order to identify the perpetrators.

At the next stage, we were able to trace the perpetrators during theft raids and our investigation led to that they could be arrested and convicted.