Here you can read more about our previous assignments. All examples are taken from reality but anonymous for confidentiality.

Unfair competition and patent infringement

A company suspected that a former employee started a competing business.

Through a surveillance operation our investigators could document the information that the new company used the exact same patented technology as the client.

Our documentation was then used in the proceedings against the new company.

Sick person running own business

A foreign insurance company had a policy holder who moved to Sweden, contacted us after they found information on the Internet that the person worked and ran his own business in the healthcare sector.

Our investigators found more details of the policyholder, including that he did not have the necessary permits to operate.

We also carried out surveillance operations in which our investigators were treated by the policyholder. This was all documented on video.

Employee subjected to repeated vandalism

A large company contacted us when one of their employees were regularly exposed to vandalism on his car which led to expensive costs and loss of production for the client.

By surveillance our investigators could document and expose the perpetrator. In the subsequent analysis it was found that the motive was private jealousy.

Our efforts led to the offender convicted of repeated instances of vandalism and problems ceased for the client.

Employee stealing from the workplace

An international company in the region contacted us when they discovered that pallet collars had disappeared of their stock. Collars were not of the standard measure, but specialized for the company.

Through investigative measures, we found that collars were carried out after working hours and we could track collars to a region 150 km south, where collars were cut and adapted to the EU dimensions and then resold.

Through our documentation the perpertrators could be apprehended and convicted.

Swedish citizen abroad

An insurance company in Sweden contacted us when they had a policyholder who claimed to be 100% incapable of working and living in Southern Europe. Through the efforts of our client, they had seen the policyholder working.

Through our international network a local investigator together with our own investigators from Sweden we could document the policyholder when performing work on several occasions. Thanks to our network the local investigator could also continue the documentation over time.

The result of our documentation led to that the compensation to the policyholder was declined, which saved our customers millions who risked being paid in error.

Electronic traces

In an internal investigation, we secured material through a mirror copy of the suspect´s hard drive to look for traces identified through other investigative methods.

During the investigation were informed all employees about the investigation and shortly thereafter, a new mirror copy of the suspect´s computer was made. This showed that the suspect immediately after the meeting about the investigation, had deleted files that could connect him to the crime.

This information formed the basis for a conversation with the suspect where our investigators were able to present the facts that led to the person confessed and employment was terminated.

Test purchase and mapping products

A clothing chain in Sweden contacted us when they discovered an unusual pattern during audits of waste.

ISE was contacted and we were able to track the clothes and then carry out test purchases through private purchase and sales markets on the Internet,
in order to identify the perpetrators.

At the next stage, we were able to trace the perpetrators during theft raids and our investigation led to that they could be arrested and convicted.

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