Since the start in 2004, ISE has worked on investigations of insurance claims and to suspected insurance fraud with both Swedish and foreign insurance companies. We regularly work with most major insurance companies in Sweden.

We are investigating insurance cases in all injury events such as motor, home and personal injury. Over the years we have also developed our own expertise in the reconstruction of road accidents through the PC-Crash. By using PC-Crash can we assess the events in a traffic accident.

In addition to traditional insurance investigations, we have extensive experience working with surveillance in personal injury cases where it is suspected that the policyholder does not have those problems as submitted to the insurance company.

Case study

A foreign insurance company had a policy holder who moved to Sweden, contacted us after they found information on the Internet that the person worked and ran his own business in the healthcare sector.

Our investigators found more details of the policyholder, including that he did not have the necessary permits to operate.

We also carried out surveillance operations in which our investigators were treated by the policyholder. This was all documented on video.

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