Internal crimes can occur in many different forms and through the years, our investigators have been in contact with many different approaches. Companies often contact us when they find out that something happened and using our experience, we can be effective in identifying what occurred, and then develop a plan on what steps need to be done to also identify who the offender is.

The results of the investigation can be used internally or be the basis of a police report or used in a legal dispute.

Our methods include proven communication techniques where we have knowledge of what questions need to be asked, how they should be asked, and particularly when they should be asked. We are available with surveillance, customized technical solutions and examination of computers or mobile phones (so-called IT-Forensics).

Case study

An international company in the region contacted us when they discovered that pallet collars had disappeared of their stock. Collars were not of the standard measure, but specialized for the company.

Through investigative measures, we found that collars were carried out after working hours and we could track collars to a region 150 km south, where collars were cut and adapted to the EU dimensions and then resold.

Through our documentation the perpetrators could be apprehended and convicted.

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