ISE´s employees are members of several different networks of investigators around the world. ISE hosted the CII´s (Council of International Investigators) annual summer conference in 2016 in Gothenburg. Through our network, we have contacts who can provide investigative services and background checks all over the world.

Since 2015, the ISE has a branch office in Germany with its own employees where we can offer all our services and the services of our sister company PrimeSafe. Our investigators responsible Germany are also Swedish and English speaking, which means that you can have services performed in Germany, but reports could be delivered in Swedish, German or English.

In cases abroad, we are also able to send an investigator from Sweden to coordinate and lead the investigation team in place to create the most efficient organization possible.

Our networks

Case study

An insurance company in Sweden contacted us when they had a policyholder who claimed to be 100% incapable of working and living in Southern Europe. Through the efforts of our client, they had seen the policyholder working.

Through our international network a local investigator together with our own investigators from Sweden we could document the policyholder when performing work on several occasions. Thanks to our network the local investigator could also continue the documentation over time.

The result of our documentation led to that the compensation to the policyholder was declined, which saved our customers millions who risked being paid in error.

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