Examination of computers and mobile phones, so-called IT-Forensics or computer forensics, may provide crucial evidence and is very helpful in our investigations. All our investigators are trained to implement the preservation of evidence of the hardware which are then sent for analysis to our specialist. This allows us to quickly secure crucial evidence and is included as an important step in our investigation methods.
The evidence can be used for several purposes, including to check on some things done in the past, but also to analyze different behaviors that can change with the investigation.

Case study

In an internal investigation, we secured material through a mirror copy of the suspect´s hard drive to look for traces identified through other investigative methods.

During the investigation were informed all employees about the investigation and shortly thereafter, a new mirror copy of the suspect´s computer was made. This showed that the suspect immediately after the meeting about the investigation, had deleted files that could connect him to the crime.

This information formed the basis for a conversation with the suspect where our investigators were able to present the facts that led to the person confessed and employment was terminated.

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